General Information

Valzaga and northern Fevulkta


meat, fruits, berries, vegtebles, tubers, mushrooms, and bugs



Average Lifespan

500 (earth) years

Physical Information
Average Height

3.1 metres

Average Weight

800 pounds

Skin Colors


Hair Colors

brown or black

Eye Colors

brown or black

Abilities Information
Societal Information

Giants are one of the six races of Valkium. They live in Valzaga, and northern Fevulkta and have many adaptations to the cold, such as fur over their whole body, a layer of bluber, and long nostrals to warm air before it enters their lungs. This is why they live so far north, in lands no other race would want. Giants are able to eat just about anything and are well known for disgusting food. Even though it is true they fight more than any other race, they also have a unique culture.

Culture[edit | edit source]

Giants are aggresive, and so many of their rituals involve violence. They believe in one god, Kelgulk, who created the world out of a block of ice. They also believe that the king or emperor of the nation they live in is a demigod, and will join Kelgulk in Jumku, their equivelent of heaven.There are four unforgivable sins to giants: leaving one's familly, murdering a king, queen or emperor, killing without giving a chance (example:sneaking up behind someone and then killing them) and marrying a non-giant. Any of these will destroy the giant's soul.

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