a typical Brown Gabbit
Geographical Information

hot to cold/dry


all except underground


wooded and/or hilly areas

Physical Information

herbivorous rodent

Average Height

.5-1 foot long

Skin type

med. length fur

  • grey
  • black
  • brown
  • white
  • mixed

10-14 young

Abilities Information
Attack Type



can be kept as a pet

Used as Mount


Societal Information
Family Grouping

family of 1-10

Gabbits are small furry herbivorous rodents, with large front teeth, a twitchy noses, puffy white tails, and short ears. They come in many colours: grey, black, brown, and white being the most prominent. They are not quick, and their perception is bad. They have no natural defences save camouflage, and they have no combat abilities. They are prolific breeders, however, so they seem to always be abundant. They eat grass, roots, leaves, berries, etc. In a world filled with efficient predators, the gabbit a vital part of the food chain. It is easy prey for any predator, and is also a staple in the diets of many poor folk in the world. Gabbit stew is very nutritious and actually tolerable when the right seasonings are added.

They grow to be usually 6 - 12 inches long, giving birth to 10-14 young at a time, and living in large family groups in warrens under the ground.

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