The flood of Ages was the cataclysmic flood which ended the world of Premajaz and created modern Majaz,during this time the People of premajaz left their homes and fled for the safety of Aralmount,the colossal stone tower built by the Elder Ones.Rising sea levels surrounded Aralmount and it became the continent of Aral.The city of Atlant was engulfed by water but its people did not go with the others to Aralmount,they devolved into undead creatures called Water Wraiths and continue to live there beneath the ocean.

Cause of the Flood[edit | edit source]

The flood was caused by the powerful magic of the Elder Ones,beings constructed entirely from magical energies.The strain of supporting their ever growing consciousnesses became too much and the magic discharged from them converting themselves and the air around them into huge amounts of water.It is assumed that the Elder Ones perished because of this but many believe they still exist in a weakened form somewhere in the world.

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