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Three trees world wide


magical anomaly





Average Lifespan


Physical Information
Average Height

2 inches

Average Weight


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The fairies are an enigmatic folk and do not communicate much with the outside world,except in times of great need.They are not a physical creature but rather sections of the Magic carrier wave that have become sentient,they reproduce by casting spells to produce more minds in the wave that grow into fairies.They inhabit three trees known as the fairy trees,these are located in Skullcrush Forest,Undar Felta and the Eyelet forest,the inside of these trees has been magically distorted so it is much bigger on the inside,almost reaching the size of a small country.They have the ability to become invisible,this combined with their elusiveness causes many people to doubt their existence.

The fairies observe the world from these trees and when a threat arrives that may change life as it is known they intervene,they often appear to humans and assign them tasks.They once had an allience with the Elven folk and gave them their ability of immortality by magically renewing them when they were injured,after the elves misused this gift the fairies vengefully removed this gift and the elves perished at the hands of the goblins.

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