an Elaran eywen
Geographical Information

warm to cool temperate

  • coniferous forest/taiga
  • deciduous/mixed forest
Physical Information

avian mammal

Average Height

approx. 1 span long

Average Wingspan

1.5x length

Average Weight

approx. 7 lbs.

Skin type

suede-like hide



Abilities Information
Attack Type
  • bite
  • claws
  • stinging, poisonous tail

receptive to training

Used as Mount


Societal Information

The eywen (EYE-win) are carnivorous, oviparous (egg-laying), warm-blooded animals. They are cousins to the dragon and share similar characteristics, including appearance, but are much smaller. They have six limbs - four feet and two wings. Their blood is copper-based and green in color. They have multifaceted eyes that change color depending on the eywen's mood. They have a smooth hide rather than scales; the texture of their skin is described as being reminiscent of suede. They have forked tail ends with a defecation opening between the forks.

Eywens mainly inhabit temperate forests in the wild, but they can be found in nearly any environment. Eywens typically have bodies about one foot long, with a two foot tail and weigh seven pounds. They can communicate with each other, and can also vocalize animal noises. While eywens can bite, their main weapon is a stinging, poisonous tail. They are found in temperate forests and have chameleon like abilities, though their colour is usually a brownish-red. Eywens are described as playful and curious with the personality of a common house cat.

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