The eye of Majaz is the large central hub of the continent of Aral,its most predominant feature is the huge mountain in its centre.The inhabitants of the Aralan Kingdoms usually refer to this mountain as the eye of Majaz but this name originally referred to the whole centre of Aral including the Forest of old that grows in a ring around the mountain.

Origins of the eye[edit | edit source]

Before the Flood of Ages what can be seen of Aral today was the roof of a huge stone tower constructed by the Elder Ones the area known as the eye was a spiral staircase that formed the body of the tower,the mountain as it is seen today was the exit from this staircase onto the roof.When the flood came the People of Majaz were saved from the flood by climbing the stairs and out onto Aral,sadly the mountaintop has since collapsed and sealed the entrance to the stairwell.

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