The External Regions are the regions that got away from Woka. There are all connected with portals made by human Clerics.

Positum and Negatum[edit | edit source]

The main two regions are Positum and Negatum.

Origins of Positum and Negatum[edit | edit source]

In the beginning, all three regions were together as a single, neutral world. As the years were passing, humans, the main and dominant species, were discovering new ways of using magic, both for offensive and defensive purposes, something that none of the other species could do.

The beggining of their end was the discovery of the elemental magic. The users of this form of magic were able to manipulate the neutrality of an area by adding/removing light or dark energy from it. When it was first used, it helped humans to stop the two massive and relentess rebellions of Orcs and Goblins, saving many of their provinces. But after three years of usage, areas which had very low levels of the light or dark power started having some very strange effects for humans. Many of them got absorbed from these powers with the result of transformation into angels, demons or other creatures.

This effect was in action for more than one year. At the first year, any transformed humans were using his powers against the rebelled Orcs and the Goblins. But as some angels and demons were progresivelly gaining power, and their population was growing, they decided to secretly split from humans and make their own factions.

This action brought the nature balance in danger. Many forests were destroyed as the Angels and Demons were conquering Woka. The leader of the enlightened beings and the leader of the dark beings also made their own nations, which were fullfilled with dark or light energy. But the humans had their weapons to stop them. They already had stopped the rebbelions and were ready for the final hit against their new enemies.

The oldest Cleric of the human empire knew well the way to stop this new threat. The High Council of Humans decided to use the most powerful magic there was available. The Clerics totally assembled 322 giant portals across Woka that could lift specific areas to the sky and keep them there for the eternity. Then, the last human soldiers attacked to the main headquarters of the light and dark beings with every power they had until they drove them in their main headquarters.

When that happened, the last armies of humans retrated and the Clerics, who were in the borders of Woka, activated the portals.

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