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The Escene Road is the exceptionally long road that runs from eastern Koridan, east-west through the countries of Varnee, Praedon and B'dal, barely skirts the south-western corner of the Whyspering Wood, and continues north-south through Fairan to Kaladar. Due to its length, it has different names in different regions. Some regions also take better care of the road. For example, in the Whyspering Wood the road is barely more than an overgrown dirt path through the forest, while in B’dal it is known as the "Ironedge Road" and is made of paving stones complete with rain gutters.

It would have great potential as a major trade route through Phaara, as it generally follows a similar path to the Eternal River, if it was not for the fact that most countries in the Six Seas region use the waterways and seas for shipping. Water transportation is cheaper, easier and faster. In addition, the terrain that the road meanders through is rough and scrubby in some places, wildly overgrown with vegetation in others, and hilly, mountainous, or swampy in the remaining areas.

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