Political Information

Shyl, Carlet, Ulanium

Type of Government

Imperialistic Democracy



Government Stability


Societal Information


  • 24% other
Official Language


Historical Information
Formed From

1EC With te founding of Tralhalla

Policy Information

Old Kingdoms, Kingdom of Scyth


Tyrienal Kingdom, Forsaken Territories, Kingdom of Trammar

Elvania is one of three Elven countries. It is located in three continents: Ulanium, Carlet, Shyl, though it doesn't cover all the area of these three continents. It's capital is Tralhalla.

History[edit | edit source]

Formation and Founding[edit | edit source]

After The Sundering Old Kingdoms started to fail. It resulted in creation of hundreds of new kingdoms. Than Half-elves allied with humans and banded together in Tyrienal Kingdom, which resulted in splitting of Elven community. Queen Hatchet afraid of possible war between Old Kingdoms and expanding Tyrienal Kingdom founded organisation called Path of the Second Hope. She wanted to reunite all the elves of the world, but her tries was unsuccesful. Later she with her organisation founded a city for themselves called Tralhalla in honor of Hatchet's deceased mother. Queen Hatchet later tried to ally with The Three Dragons, but as her chance was unsuccesful she said that she will reveal their location to humans, which will destroy any source of magic. They were forced to help her. They killed Lord Agripinus to create the kingdom. Soon after death of Lord she conquered his small kingdom, which resulted founding of Elvania.

The War of the Guardians[edit | edit source]

The War of the Guardians was a war between Elvanian guards and Tyrienal Kingdom. Queen Hatchet destroyed all the forces of enemy and in the war allied with the weakened Old Kingdoms, which still exists as of creation of Tyrienal Kingdom. In year 104EC Elvania took all the island of Ilnalrant from Tyrienal Kingdom, which resulted in the end of the war.

Trelkanfar[edit | edit source]

When Queen Hatchet bearned her daughter Alirmirnatt she made Trelkanfar emperor. Trelkanfar conquered all the continent of Carlet. He was a good king, though his lust of power grew even more each day. One day Trelkanfar tried to kill Queen Hatchet, but his try was unsuccesful. Queen was worried about her life and burried him alive in the Skullpine Mesa.

Dark ages[edit | edit source]

Brother of Trelkanfar sweared to not destroy Elven race, but as of actions of Queen Harchet he tried to do that. He imprisoned Queen Hatchet and killed most of royal elite. Than he resurrected Ametcleth. Ametcleth made half of Carlet to sink, later he destoyed Old Kingdoms. Ametcleth was later destroyed by Miyen. Ahnum later run away to Tyrienal Kingdom, where he felt safer. Queen Hatchet soon restored peace in her Kingdom, but actions of Ahnum can be felt even now.

Alirmirnatt[edit | edit source]

Alirmirnatt is daughter of Queen Hatchet. 30 years after end of the dark ages (140EC Alirmirnatt started to lead the kingdom. Alirmirnatt concentrated on the conquesting territories around Carlet. When she started to lead the country she conquered part of Ulanium and Shyl, but she stopped her crusades to don't allow Tyrienal Kingdom go further inland. She currently is leader of Elvania.

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