Constructed Fantasy Worlds
General Information

Tralhalla, Tyrienal Kingdom, Elvania, Old Kingdoms







Average Lifespan

300+ years

Physical Information
Average Height

170-210 cm

Average Weight

80 kg

Skin Colors


Hair Colors


Eye Colors

Blue, Green

Abilities Information
Special Attributes
  • Fast movement
  • Magic
Societal Information

Highborne, Half-elf, Naad'Jem

Famous Members

Dolin Cligaiten, Queen Hatchet

Elves, or Walf'argam (Children of the Dragons) in their native tongue of Elvenspeak are a race, who inhabbits Inlitania. Elves come from Carlet.


Elven History is unknown. It is known that they know magics minimum 20 000 years. First time in history they appear approx. 11 000 years ago, when they taught Scyths magic. The Sundering resulted in catastrophic loss of their people. After The Sundering Humans destroyed their good affiliation with Elves. Since that time, Humans have started a war, which continues even today.


Elven Culture is very interesting. With the help of magic they have created unbelievable technologies in unbelievable world created by them. Though their technology level is very high they still are in harmony with nature. They wear clothes in mostly red or blue.


Elves speak in Elvenspeak, which is their native tongue. Elvenspeak is based on Dragonspeak, but what is taken from it is unknown. Though they can speak in Common and Scyth language also. In recent times they have met Forsaken, which resulted in learning a new language - Deathspeak. It is known that once they knew Dragonspeak. It is written in old ruins, though why they have forgot it is unknown.


Elves come to accept every race. Humans have started a war against them as of they think that The Sundering happened, because of them. The relationships are the biggest difference of Scyths and Humans. At the beginning they wanted to accept the Forsaken, but as Elves want to conquer Shyl they consider Elves as invaders and they think that Elves want to destroy their race.

Relationships with Dragons[]

Dragons taught Elves magic and their own language. Later from that language Elvenspeak created. With the help of Dragons they have learned all these traits and technologies. The Three Dragons destroyed most of Elven race after The Sundering and made other Dragons like simple animals. Now Elves use dragons as pets. These destroyed Elves became Highborne. Since that time Elves forgot Dragonspeak. The Three Dragons now rest at Threespire, which is located in Athes Welien.



Half-elf is a term used to describe the offspring of Elven parent and Scyth parent. Half-elves have lost their magic powers. Some of them seeking the power later became Wams. As Half-elves don't got magic powers they are accepted by Humans and they live with them peacefully.


Wam (vampire) is Half-elf, which looks like Elf. They have got secret, cursed society. They use blood as food. They live in Ulanium and Axybis.