General Information

None but while alive Elf Plateau







Average Lifespan

Immortal (Artificially achieved with the aid of fairies

Physical Information
Average Height


Skin Colors


Hair Colors

blond or black

Eye Colors


Abilities Information
Special Attributes


Societal Information

The elves of Azeria became extinct during the earliest ages of the pre history wars,what little we know about them is extracted from Goblin folklore.While alive they dwelt upon the large flat mountain now known as elf plateau on the border between the southern lands and the Western lands,they were for the most part a simple folk who dwelt on the mountain and occasionally came down to the forest for food,for the most part they did not involve themselves in the wars of the other races in those early days.

Because of their ways of peace the Fairy people saw them as an ideal candidate for their chosen race to assign tasks to when they were not allowed to intervene,and so they bestowed upon them the gift of immortality through their magic.This regenerative process involved a fairy actively removing the dying elf's mind and holding it in the Magic carrier wave as psychic energy,they then repaired the damage to the body using yet more magic then returned the mind to the body.This was not true immortality but rather the great power of the fairy's magically assisted medicine.

The elves loved their new power but they abused it,they realised they no longer had to fear death and abbandoned their peaceful life to loot and pillage from the goblins that lived in the southern lands below,their raids were fearsome and often suicidal,but this did not concern them as the fairies always dilligently restored them.Seeing what the elves did with their new gift the fairies were appaled and in after a fierce debate in the Fairy tree within Undar Felta the fairies agreed to cease coming to the aid of dying elves.The elves remained oblivious to the fact that their agreement had been withdrawn and set out on one of their now routine raids.The goblins discovered to their delight that elves could finally be killed when one goblin launched what used to be a futile attack on one with a sword,this was wonderful news and the south king called his goblins to arms,gathering a huge force which accosted the elf plateau wiping out the entire race.The goblins still celebrate this great bloodshed today under the belief that their folklore tells them that the elves were vicious monsters who were the only ones capable of standing up to goblin might.

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