The timeline of the history of Elara spans almost fourteen billion years, only a small fraction of which has seen the involvement of the races which currently inhabit the world.

Dates are given in the three calendar systems given in the books, namely the Rianim, Vaemir and Koridian calendars. For events and dates prior to the Great Cataclysm, the Koridian calendar is not used since no information has been retained by Elarans about dating systems used at that time. Dates for events on the Rianim calendar following the Cleansing are speculative, due to the demise of the Valeri. Dates of events from the elven Vaemir calendar can be used to connect the other two calendars.


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Rianim Year
Vaemir Year
Koridian Year
Major Event (Location)
- - -Creation
1 -c. 122,000 BGCThe recorded history of the Valeri begins
7,4861c. 114,500 BGCThrough magical experimentation, the Valeri manage to bring Elves into existence
7,4927c. 114,500 BGC Through magical experimentation, the Valeri manage to bring Dwarves into existence
38,77231,286c. 83,400 BGCa group of Valeri explorers first discover the joKara; they become the first joKaran Hosts
39,65932,173c. 82,500 BGCjoKaran sense of Manifest Destiny causes them to begin enslaving the peaceful Valeri
41,24833,762c. 80,900 BGCthe peaceful Valeri begin a rebellion of subtly, sabotage and political undermining
41,96134,475c. 80,700 BGCthe Valeri and joKara begin their final climatic war
42,15834,672c. 80,500 BGCThe Valeri disappear in the Cleansing
42,20334,717c. 80,450 BGCthe reign of the joKaran Wizard Princes begins, with the joKarans enslaving the other fledgling Elaran races
121,579114,093579 BGCmegalomania and egomaniacal dominance cause infighting amongst the Wizard Princes; their Elaran slaves take this opportunity to rebel and overthrow their masters; the joKaran are killed or disappear
122,158114,6721The Great Cataclysm occurs; the First Age begins (Koridan)
124,823117,3372665Bator, son of Koridan, establishes Tava Rhe as the capital of the Koridan tribes; the First Dynasty is begun; the Second Age takes hold (Koridan)
- -2761*The First Dynasty ends as the First Succession War is started (Koridan)
*Dirth ends the succession war and his reign starts the Second Dynasty (Koridan)
- -2885*The Second Dynasty ends with the beginning of the Second Succession War (Koridan)
*Shintar ends the succession war and his reign starts the Third Dynasty (Koridan)
- -2909Sadora becomes the first female empress of Koridan
- -2910Sadora's reign as empress ends when she weds Reymon
- -2944The Third Dynasty ends as Koridan is conquered by Danara; the Second Age comes to a close
- -2946The Third Age, and Fourth Dynasty, begin when Alric leads the Koridians against their Danaran oppressors, and Koridan reclaims its freedom; He is crowned Raman
- -2968The Fourth Dynasty ends with the beginning of the Third Succession War (Koridan)
- -2969Keredic wins the succession war and starts the Fifth Dynasty (Koridan)
- -3030The Fifth Dynasty and the Third Age conclude when the Danarans again conquer Koridan
125,211 -3053Magan is crowned Raman by the Koridian people while still under Danaran rule, and spends his reign fighting for his country's freedom; the Fourth Age and the Sixth Dynasty begin
125,214 -3056Magan dies in combat; his son Tamerlane takes command but is nor crowned Raman until Koridan is free
125,215 -3057Koridan again wins its freedom from Danara; Tamerlane is crowned Raman
125,415 -3257Events from "In the Shadow of a World" take place during this year
125,416 -3258Arysa becomes the second female Raman of Koridan, until she weds Ardana

Koridian PrehistoryEdit

The Moment of Creation
The universe is brought into existence by the Creator.
The First Age
Little is known of this age, as the Elarans underwent a "Dark Age" trying to survive from the destruction and total devastation of the Great Cataclysm and rebuild societies and cultures.

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