In the beginning, there was nothing. Only the Void existed. But soon the Void began to weaken, and all that is known in the heavens burst forth, and the Void was no more. Out of the chaos which followed, harmony soon brought order.

Being lonely in the vast expanse, Nyer, the Sun, sought out a mate to comfort and console him. Likewise Elara sought a mate to love who would be strong and guide her. They came together, and soon Elara brought forth children for whom Nyer was their father. The first was Tyran, the beloved of Nyer and Elara. His sister Lysat was second, and brother, Shaduma the Cruel, was last. These were the three greatest of Elara's children. Lysat loved her mother and adorned her with the beauty of nature, giving Elara lakes and rivers, trees and shrubs, plants and animals of every kind.

But soon Shaduma grew to restlessness and took his sister. Lysat conceived and bore mankind, and so earned the name "Lysat, mother of men." Being offspring of Shaduma the Cruel, mankind also was evil. Lysat was distraught over what had happened, but Elara comforted her daughter's children. Nyer, being good and just, caught up his two children, Lysat and Shaduma, and destroyed them in bursts of righteous fire as punishment for bringing evil forth. Meanwhile, mankind grew and multiplied, covering the earth. They loved, they fought. They built cities, they waged wars. They came together and they became divided.

Tyran, the beloved, watched mankind and saw all these things. He soon realized that mankind would destroy itself. But he also saw great potential. He could see that mankind would accomplish great feats, and do great things, if they had guidance.

But Tyran's wisdom and insight were surpassed only by his laziness. This would be responsible for his eventual demise. And though he could see that mankind was far above the other creatures who roamed the earth, he did not consider mankind important enough to warrant his personal attention.

Instead, Tyran decided to chose individuals who showed great personal traits, and give them gods' powers, raising them up above others of their kind (see:"heroes"). Nyer, being the father of Tyran, became furious with the slothful actions of his child, choosing to pass on the responsibilities of protecting and guiding his brother and sister's children. Nyer found Tyran, and destroyed him.

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