General Information







varied; Common

Average Lifespan

60-85 years

Physical Information
Average Height

m 5'10"; f 5'4"

Average Weight

m 160lbs; f 125lbs

Skin Colors

fair to tan/olive to dark brown

Hair Colors


Eye Colors


Abilities Information
Special Attributes


Societal Information

Elarans are the primary sentient species on the planet Elara. They are, for all intents and purposes, Human. Though they have the ability to adapt to their environment and live almost anywhere, humans mainly live in rural and urban areas of Elara.


Elarans tend to wear various types of elaborate (urban) or practical (urban or rural) woolen or linen garb, including cloaks, boots, etc. Tunics are worn in warmer areas; shirts belted over pants or skirts and leggings predominate in cooler locales. Some imported silks and fine cottons are in evidence in urban centers.

Humans are also monogamous, with their lineage traced through either the male or the female (depending on what country they are from). The rural folk are mostly farmers and herders, with little contact outside of their village or region. Urban folk are a varied, rather cosmopolitan lot. Many are from mercantile or guild backgrounds, and some have dealt with enchantments.

Humans tend to be practical, hard-working, inquisitive, loyal, sometimes aggressive and sometimes quiet and shy.


Bilaterally symmetrical bipedal primates, Humans are a warm-blooded humanoid species with an average lifespan of around 70 years, although some individuals have achieved a much older age.

They do possess a great deal of phenotypic diversity within their species. Skin color, eye color, blood type, facial structures, hair color and hair type vary considerably between individuals and help to make nearly every single Human distinct in appearance from the next. An exception to this is in the case of identical twins, an anomaly that occurs in approximately three in every 1,000 Human births.

They have two genders, as is common to many humanoid species. The female of the species is fertile once a month after she reaches puberty (between the age of twelve and sixteen) until the onset of a biochemical stage known as menopause (between the age of 45 and 55). Human gestation lasts nine months. The make-up of Human DNA structure is significant, as, with some modifications, it allows them to cross breed successfully with a wide range of other species, including elves and dwarves.

Humans are not as physically strong as some species such as ogres, but they are resilient. They are more adaptable to incarceration. They can survive with one lung or kidney (they have two of each normally), and, surprisingly, they can go days without water and weeks without food due to their bodies' ability to conserve water and live off stored fat respectively. Their bodies' efficient temperature regulation allows them to resist and survive cold temperatures that would adversely affect other species, or high temperatures that would be uncomfortable for another.

Humans have iron-based hemoglobin in their blood. Each individual's blood has one of eight types depending on the presence or absence of three antigens. The most common blood types among them are O+ and A+.

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