ElaraWiki actually began over 20 years ago as a high school descriptive paragraph for English class. It lingered in my imagination outside of school and morphed into a short story, which in turned grew into the idea for a novel, then two, then four.

With an entire fantasy world coming into existance in my mind, I needed a place to keep track of everything. A stack of loose-leaf papers over an inch thick with scribbled notes on them (since high school) eventually found its way onto a Mediawiki set up on my home computer in 2007. Alas, with no internet access, it was hard to access from work or anywhere else.

In early 2009 ElaraWiki sprouted on the internet at Bluwiki briefly, but quickly moved here to Wikia, and the Constructed Fantasy Worlds Wiki on February 9th.

It's been evolving ever since.

Dan Tubbe

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