General Information


Average Lifespan

200-400 years

Physical Information
Average Height

3.6-4.2 feet

Skin Colors


Abilities Information
Special Attributes

limited strength

Societal Information

Though the name would seem to suggest that a dwelf is the result of a union between a dwarf and an elf, both of those Elder Races would vehemently deny this. In truth, they would be correct. Dwelfs (note: the plural is not dwelves) are a species unto their own.

Fair little men, dwelfs dig modest holes in stream banks and hills for their homes. They roam underground mines, generating strange knocking sounds that confuse miners. Dwelfs are shy and habitually wear grey cloaks to conceal themselves from mortal eyes. Only a disaster of extraordinary magnitude might tear a dwelf from the cloistered society of his kind.

Dwelfs prefer cool average to cold dry climates that underground cavern complexes and cave entrances or overhangs might provide, but can be found in coniferous and/or deciduous forest, heath and moors, and even the tundra.

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