Constructed Fantasy Worlds

The dwarven crusades is the name given to a bloody Azeran war that occured between the 10th and 14th centcycle,below is a list of events in chronological order,during this time nobody contacted The Northern Lands for fear of becoming involved.

10th centcycle[]

  • 3rd of winter-The first north king Holoron of Bragdon is assasinated by a Gordic dwarf,the Azeralist court declares war on the gordic dwarves.
  • 24th of winter-The hunting of the Gordics drives them into their sacred grounds,the Gordic peaks they hide for nearly a whole centcycle during which time they adapt the Northland blade from a symbol of peace into a fearsome weapon.The Azeralist dwarves believe they have won but still do not appoint a new north king.

11th centcycle[]

  • 11th of autumn- A small group of Gordic dwarves head down from the mountains and sneak into Bragdon 'Huil,they begin causing havoc by attacking people and distrupting the rail system.After several hours they are taken prisoner.
  • 18th of autumn-After not hearing from their companions for a week the entire Gordic force besieges Bragdon 'Huil,fortunately the city has a good water supply and plenty of food but they do not risk a counter attack.
  • 1st of winter-On the eighth day of the siege the Azeralist Dwarves of Bragdon 'Huil use their communication wire to contact the beaconed border for reinforcements.
  • 2nd of winter-Reinforcements from the beaconed border arrive at the gates of Bragdon 'Huil and attack the besieging Gordics,who break the siege and retreat to clain the west side of the River Rosden
  • 23 of winter-Restoration of Bragdon 'Huil is completed,they decide not to cross the river and reclaim the west just yet

12th centcycle[]

  • 9th of spring-Gordics on the west side of the river discover the tunnel in Balgard mines which leads into the very heart of Bragdon 'Huil,their entire force marches down it and prepares to strike
  • 10th of spring-Battle of Bragdon 'Huil,The Azeralic forces quickly respond to the internal attack and a mighty battle rages within the caves of the city,gordic forces take severe losses and retreat back through the tunnel which is sealed off by the Azeralists to prevent another attack

13th centcycle[]

  • 1st of spring-65 days have been spent by both sides gathering their resources and making repairs
  • 1st of summer- An army of Azeralists heads by clockwork train to Skulgan dock where they board a ship
  • 21st of autumn The ship docks on the south side of Skullcrush Forest where they spend a month and several days covertly setting up a base of operations,the length of time was due to the number of hostile creatures they had to repel

14th centcycle[]

  • 10th of spring-The final battle,the soldiers march through the forest and attack the Gordic zone of control,this battle rages for a week
  • 21st of spring-A truce is agreed and Folfor the Gordic is made North king.Appointing a Gordic king was a gesture to show there were no hard feelings between the two people