Dwarfic is the language of the Azeran dwarves,this language like all others upon the land of Azeria was said to be dreamt of by Azeral during his long sleep at the begining of the world.Because of the dwarves social and historical background the majority of the language is centred around three activities:Mining,Smithing and warfare.The Accent with which Dwarfic is spoken resembles a northern english accent,Dwarfic usually follows the structure that the adjective goes after the noun,It is very simple in construction and so the precise meaning can only be worked out from tone and context,as can be seen by the large number of cognates it is a pidgen varient of Azeric .Below is a small cross section of words and phrases,the apostrophes are used when pronunciation of vowels is difficult.

Nouns[edit | edit source]

  • Bragdon-Gold (Bragdoni stems from this,it means gold coin or money in general)
  • Buhnarte-Coal
  • Dwaarve Dwarf
  • Excavart-Mine
  • Excavarta-Pickaxe
  • Fargaretta-Forge/Smithy
  • Gu'eet-Food
  • Grouge-Beer
  • Hafdon-Iron
  • 'Huil - City/Town(Bragdon 'Huil,the dwarf capital translates as gold city
  • Spalgara- weapon
  • Spub-Bar/Inn

Greetings/Responses[edit | edit source]

  • Cycle fa Dy-Hello (Accurately translates as day for you/your day)
  • 'Dyne Cycle-Hello(less formal)
  • Ay-Yes
  • Nar-No
  • Tra-Goodbye

Connectives[edit | edit source]

  • Fa-for
  • wi-with
  • an- and

Pronouns[edit | edit source]

  • Ick-Me/I
  • Dy-You
  • Ahl-He/She
  • W'ahll -We/Us
  • Ick's-Mine(posessive not the place where you dig)
  • Dyne-Your
  • Ahl's-His/Hers
  • w'ah-Ours

Verbs[edit | edit source]

  • Ofte' -Going to(or go to depending on context)
  • uh -am/is/are
  • Excavartit-Mine/Dig
  • Farge-Forge/smith
  • 'Az -Had/have/was
  • Grougeit-To Drink(Especially Beer)

Example phrases[edit | edit source]

  • Dy ofte Fargaretta fa farge Spalgara 'Hafdon? (Are you going to the forge to make an iron weapon?)
  • Dy! ofte Fargaretta fa farge Spalgara 'Hafdon (You! go to the forge to make an iron weapon)
  • W'ahll 'Az ofte spub fa W'ah Grouge(We went to the pub for our beer)
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