General Information








Average Lifespan

400 years

Physical Information
Average Height

130 cm

Average Weight

65 kg

Skin Colors

Hues of brown

Hair Colors

Hues of brown

Eye Colors

Shades of brown

Abilities Information
Special Attributes
  • Darkvision
  • High resistance to poison
Societal Information


Common Alignments

Lawful Good

Dwarves have lived in Elatha for a very long time and have always made their homes deep beneath the mountains, in the mines and halls carved by their hands from solid rock. In ages past the Dwarves prospered in the city of Brok Zurog in their native region of Borias.

Brok Zurog was lost during the Shadow Wars. Thousands of Dwarves were killed, and the survivors fled their home. Since then, Dwarves have founded several new strongholds, such as Deependelve and Naz Khazam in Waeland and Khazarak in Estoria, but though magnificent none of them compares to the splendor that was Brok Zurog, and all Dwarves dream of the day when that city will once again be on their hands.

Fysiology[edit | edit source]

Dwarves are immensely strong and resilient, with broad shoulders, wide girth, big thick hands and broad feet.

Outlook[edit | edit source]

Dwarves respect three things above all else: age, wealth and skill.

Unless slain in battle Dwarves can live to a very great age. A Dwarf's age can be readily deduced by the length and colour of his beard. The oldest and wisest of the Dwarves have silver beards many yards long. This respect for age extends to all aspects of Dwarven culture, where ancient workmanship is held up as an example of achievement, and where weapons may be reforged time and time again so that their blades are the same iron that was wielded over a thousand years ago.

The second thing that Dwarves respect is wealth. Hoarding wealth is a great passion among them, and no Dwarf feels secure unless he has a substantial hoard he can pass on to his descendents.

The third cornerstone of Dwarf values is their superb craftsmanship. All Dwarves take pride in their work, whether it is making a tunnel, or carving some tiny gem. Dwarves hate to see rough or shoddy work, and everything they make is built to last.

Another characteristic of Dwarves is that they always keep their word. Dwarves have a very rigid sense of honour. If a Dwarf makes a promise he will remember it and keep it, and he will also honour a promise made by his ancestors no matter how long ago it was made. To break faith is the worst possible kind of dishonour for a Dwarf. A broken bond will be bitterly remembered, leading to determined acts of vengeance and vendettas that may last for centuries.

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