General Information
Average Lifespan

200 years

Physical Information
Average Height

1 meter

Skin Colors


Hair Colors

Black, brown, red

Abilities Information
Societal Information
Common Alignments


Creation[edit | edit source]

By Falconius.

Dvarwo[edit | edit source]

Dvarwo was the first High King of Dwarves. He was the only King of Dvarwia. He had two sons: Dirvos and Nirios. After the Battle at Dirvia Nirios fled. His son Nirxdarsos built Nirxdarsia.

Niria[edit | edit source]

His son Nirxnors I. was the second High King of Dwarves. His capital was Nirxnorsia.

His sons Thorin Bronzebeard and Darxquezon Darxquezon attacked Thorinś Upper Niros but was defeated. He came as begger to the Dark Lord of Utemno.Their armies overrun Niria.

Thorin Bronzebeard fled to Dirvia and with their king Meredáin they fled.

Thorins son Náin I. and Meredáins daughter Uttaniana married founded Náinor.

Brown Kingdoms[edit | edit source]

A group of warriors from Dirvia led by Dirvos son Muradáin became friends with some black nirians After Darquezon came to Utemno they fled and founded Emeraldia and Amethystia

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