DarkDwarf Danaan
Dark Dwarf
General Information






Average Lifespan

~400 years

Physical Information
Average Height

130 meters

Average Weight

100 kg

Skin Colors

Shades of grey

Hair Colors

Shades of grey

Eye Colors

Shades of brown

Abilities Information
Special Attributes


Societal Information
Common Alignments

Lawful Evil

Dark Dwarves are a malevolent breed of dwarf that exist at extreme depths underground.

Dark dwarves appear to be emaciated, nasty-looking dwarves. Their complexions and hair range from medium to dark grey. They prefer drab clothing designed to blend into their environment. In their lairs, they may wear jewelry, although such pieces are kept dull.

Dark dwarves speak a dialect of Kazul, Caverntongue (the trading language of subterranean cultures), and the silent speech employed by some subterranean races. Dark dwarves occasionally speak other languages as well.

Dark dwarves revere the evil deity Minbarill, a murderous god of destruction.


In combat, dark dwarves fight cunningly, with good tactics. They are usually equipped with chain mail and shields, and prefer to use picks and hammers.

Dark dwarves suffer penalties when fighting in bright light or daylight, as their eyes are not accustomed to such illumination. As such, dark dwarves rarely ventures to the surface.


Dark dwarf society is similar to that of other dwarven cultures, although life is much harsher because of the hostile environment deep underground. They do not venture to the surface except at night or on gloomy days. Dark dwarf life spans can reach 400 years.

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