Constructed Fantasy Worlds

The Dining Hall is located along the south wall of the Mage's Academy compound, almost centrally in the Academic Ward.


Ground Floor[]

  • Dining Hall: Three stories high, this great hall is the one room where the entire school can meet. The north wall has three stained-glass windows and a great bay window overlooking the Quad.
  • Kitchens: A narrow stair leads underground to the ice house, cellars and pantry part of the Stores.

Second Floor[]

  • Student Lounge: A comfortable if slightly "worn" room, it is a favourite gathering place for students to talk and play games.
  • Servants' Quarters: Directly above the kitchens, these rooms are comfortable quarters for the cooks and maids of the school.

Third Floor[]

  • Meeting Room
  • Reading Room: Containing a bookshelf with duplicates from the Library, this room is filled with comfortable furnishings and desks for study.
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