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The Daemari, also known coloquially as Swampies, were a race of frog-like humanoids that inhabited the marshlands south of the River Ryne, in the territory of Fairan, north of Kaladar. They had green-grey straw-like hair, large ears, long legs and arms, and webbed hands and feet, similar to those of frogs. Some also had a muddy complexion. They generally had a pessimistic and depressed view on life. They lived in small structures called wigwams. Daemari liked their privacy, so their wigwams were spread far apart from each other. They are not a very technologically-advanced race, but they do possess both bows and swords. Daemari fish for food. They usually catch and consume a creature known as a mudfish. They ate things like eel stew, eel pie, and fricasseed frogs and they considered their food poisonous for humans, though it really was not poisonous at all. They smoked a strange sort of heavy tobacco, said by some to be mixed with mud, out of pipes. The smoke from their pipe did not rise in the air but trickled out of the bowl and downwards difting along the ground like a mist. Daemari did much of the work involving water in Kaladar, such as docking ships at Stormhaven, and ferrying people across rivers.

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