One should keep in mind that the climate/environment descriptions give the primary area locations for the creatures. These are the types of areas in which the creatures are found to live and thrive in their world. Creatures will often be found outside these "primary" areas if the climate and environment are not too radically different. And remember, these are only guidelines.


  • Hot and humid (rainy) - rainforest
  • Hot temperate
  • Hot and dry (arid) - desert
  • Warm and humid
  • Warm temperate
  • Warm and dry (semi-arid)
  • Mild temperate
  • Cool temperate
  • Cool and dry
  • Cold temperate
  • Cold and dry
  • Frigid (arctic)

Only applicable from the following need be included in the template. Not every category may be applicable:


Special FeaturesEdit

  • enchanted/magical places
  • cross-over points between dimensions
  • Near villages/towns/cities/castles
  • volcanic areas
  • cavern complexes
  • battlefields/shipwrecks
  • rural inhabited/cultivated areas
  • cave entrances/overhangs/lairs
  • burial areas
  • ruins

Water SourcesEdit

  • breaks/wadis
  • freshwater coasts & banks
  • glacier/snowfield
  • tropical islet/reef/atoll
  • lake/river
  • marsh/swamp
  • ocean
  • oasis/isolated water sources
  • saltwater shores/shallows
  • desert (perhaps scattered cactus & scrubs, no grass)


  • alpine/high altitude/mountainous
  • rough/rugged/rocky hills
  • underground (caverns, etc)
  • waste/barren


  • coniferous forest/taiga
  • Deciduous/coniferous/mixed forest
  • heath/scrub/moors
  • jungle/rainforest
  • plains/grassland (often with scattered shrubs & trees)
  • tundra (lichen/mosses, lichen/grasses)
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