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Bragdon 'Huil (city of gold)
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The Northern Lands




North king

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Clockwork railway system

Primary Construction Materials

hewn from stone

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The Dwarven city of Bragdon 'Huil is the capital of the Azeran nation of The Northern Lands. The name roughly translates as "Golden City". It has a clockwork railway link with Skulgan dock and is connected by a communication wire to the Beaconed border.


The only part of Bragdon 'Huil visible from the surface is the large palace which acts as residence for the north king and as a comunal chimney for the subterranean sections of the city.Below ground level the city is a huge 3-D labyrinth of tunnels and caverns with living areas, market squares and thoroughfares for clockwork vehicles. It is continuously expanding with new areas being dug practically every week.


The Palace was built during the wars after Azeral's death to protect a seam of gold that the dwarves had uncovered (hence the name "golden" city). Once this seam was mined the caverns they had dug out became the framework in which the city was made. At the foundation of the kingdoms it was made the capital of The Northern Lands by a unanimous decision.