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1000th Centcycle

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Borderstone is a small outpost town in the Eastern Lands on the very edge of the world,hence its name.It was only founded eight hundred and twenty five centcycles ago making it 3 years old in the earth calendar.It began life as one temporary hut which was to act as a base for an expedition to Lower Azeria and was the home to ten explorers while they constructed a crude ladder by lowering themselves on ropes over the two mile rock face to hammer in iron spikes.Once this job was done they embarked on several journeys into lower Azeria and documented all the unusual sites they saw,when the expedition was finished the hut remained and several of the explorers decided to stay in the area.Slowly over time several other people moved into the area building small houses and marketplaces,eventually this became the town we know today.

The hut remains a centre for adventuring and the original hut has become its famous explorer's guild,the iron spikes have not been removed but over time have become rusty and unsafe,people now only enter lower Azeria using the Travelling Capsule spell.