The Book of Tarmin Danar is a grimoire of magical origins. It belonged to the Valeri mage Tarmin Danar, a member of the legendary Grey Eight. The leader was Garin Varel and Danar was one of his pupils. Varel required that each of his students keep a detailed copy of his book of magic and spells, with their own notes and experiences added as well. The Book of Tarmin Danar was one of these volumes.

Whatever happened to Danar and the other members of the Grey Eight after The Cleansing remains a mystery, but it was revealed that the Book of Tarmin Danar remained intact. It was given to Brenn by Sirella Dorel, the Witch of the Shrunken Isles, among other artifacts. Brenn was not aware of its significance at the time, largely because it was written in Valerian which is a dead language. Its true origins were discovered later by Brenn's companion Talice Luen, with the translational help of Dainel the Chronicler. Talice then used the knowledge within the Book to increase her magical prowess to a degree where she could effectively challenge Seraada Margolin in their confrontation in Tyrak. Talice still possesses the Book.

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