The Book of Bariath Tormelin is a grimoire of magical origins. It belonged to the Valeri mage Bariath Tormelin, a member of the legendary Grey Eight. The leader was Garin Varel and Tormelin was one of his pupils. Varel required that each of his students keep a detailed copy of his book of magic and spells, with their own notes and experiences added as well. The Book of Bariath Tormelin was one of these volumes.

With the translation of the Book of Tarmin Danar's original Valerian language into Common by Talice Luen and Dainel the Chronicler, it was revealed that the Mage's Academy in Velloria was founded by Tormelin many hundreds of years ago. This revelation came about because Tormelin also wrote many of the books used by the Academy as rulebooks and guidelines. While the location and condition of the actual Book remains a mystery to this day, copies of several of the pages from the Book of Bariath Tormelin are still filed in the Academy's library.

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