Blunt-nosed Gnasher
Geographical Information
Water Sources
  • oceans
  • tropical islet/reef/atoll
  • saltwater shores/shallows
Physical Information


Average Height

3 feet long

Skin type

fish scales



Abilities Information
Attack Type
  • bite
Societal Information
Family Grouping


The Blunt-nosed Gnasher is a salt-water fish, growing to approximately 3 feet in length. Its teeth are razor sharp. There are several different sub-species of gnashers, but all have a single row of sharp teeth in both jaws; the teeth are tightly packed and interlocking (via small cusps) and used for rapid puncture and shearing. Individual teeth are typically broadly triangular, pointed, and blade-like (flat in profile). There is minor variation in the number of cusps; in most species the teeth are tricuspid with a larger middle cusp that makes the individual teeth appear markedly triangular.

Gnashers are found throughout the Six Seas region. Though very aggressive and not a very attractive fish, the meat is considered extremely tasty.

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