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An Elaran ayin
Geographical Information
  • warm-temperate
  • sub-tropical
  • tropical
  • jungle/rainforest
Physical Information

large feline predator

Average Height
Skin type

short fur


varying shades of green


1-4 cubs

Abilities Information
Attack Type
  • claws
  • bite

can be, with difficulty

Used as Mount


Societal Information
Family Grouping

mother and cubs

Probably the largest of the "big cats", the Ayin is a preatory feline the size of a small horse. Their fur is a green colour, which allows them to blend into the rich, lush foliage of their hunting grounds. The majority of ayin territory lies within the political boundaries of Shendra. The upper fangs of a mature ayin routinely reach at least a foot in length, and protrude down the outside of the lower jaw. Ayin are very long lived animals, normally easily passing the century mark in age.

Very few ayin have ever been domesticated, and then only by the Tahje's personal animal trainers, intentionally bred for warfare. They are remarkably similar to domestic cats in build, movement, and leaping ability. But they are so large that they can dominate a battlefield. They are nearly fearless in battle and are intelligent enough to be trained for war more thoroughly than a horse. Domesticated ayin usually remain loyal to only one master, unless they see him killed, when they may take a new master. They remain quiet and aloof unless very hungry or ordered into battle. Some escape back into the wild.

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