Is the largest region.Its name means Land of the Sun. It is situated between the rivers Rocal,Equenyn and Ildoin and Irui.The main river flowing through region is called Athandoin.Southwest of the Athandoin, there are forests, and northwest of the river, there are grasslands and fields. The major settlements are:

  • Mirath Athan on the Athandoin to the south.
  • Calendoth on the upper Athandoin to the west.
  • Amyn Athan between the Ildoin road and the river Ildoin upon the east.

Mirath Athan is the capital of the region.It is built on five cascades, each fortified by wall. It looks similar to the tower of Babylon. It is home to the second of the tírisor . It is built on a hill on the right bank of the Athandoin. It is known as the Golden city , because its walls and houses look as if they were gold.Its highest level is also home to the Golden tree, guarded also by the Order of the Tree.It is on the Court of the Tree, where the princes of Athaniand reside.Mirath Athan actually means Tower of the Sun.

Calendoth is a major town on the upper Athandoin northwest of Mirath Athan.Its a major ford and fortification on the borders with the Irmani tribes.

Amyn Athan is also a fortification. Its name means Hill of the Sun. It lies between the Ildoin road and the Ildoin river. It is a large outpost of the Order of the Tree.

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