Aral is an octopus like continent,the largest landmass of Majaz,during the rule of the Elder Ones the continent was in fact a huge tower hewn of living rock which was the Elder Ones most prized palace,during the Flood of Ages when the power of the elder ones abandoned Majaz the mortal People of the world left the homes made for them by the elder ones and climbed to the roof of this palace.The water closed around the tower and left the continent as we see it today,Aral is considered the cradle of life as all the races of the world make their home there and have done since the great migration.In recent years however Aralan explorers have ventured out and colonised the other landmasses of Majaz such as Fenidon and Caswar.

Geography[edit | edit source]

The continent is made up of a central mass known as the Eye of Majaz with eight huge arms extending out from it,these peninsulas have come to be the modern Aralan Kingdoms.Melting snow on the side of the eye feeds several rivers that flow throughout the continent into three lakes scattered around the landmass.

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