Anjala DiGiltharn
Biographical Information

The Eastern Lands

Date of Birth

23rd of summer 1715th Centcycle

Date of Death

Not dead at the present time (The 1825th centcycle)

Physical Description




Hair Color


Eye Color


Psychic Ability

Naturally resistant to most Psycomantic spells

Personal Information

The mages of Giltharn Academy


a pen and a mastery of written language

Fighting Styles

using her writing to influence people's opinions



Political Information
OOC Information


Anjala DiGiltharn is a controversial Human writer who lives and works in a small appartment within Giltharn, the capital of the Eastern Lands.She is among those who believe the way that the mages of Giltharn Academy have capitalized on all magic by introducing their unjust Regulations to the whole of Azeria as if they were law is wrong.She has written many fictional accounts of what goes on in the academy to make her view heard,she has a contact in Giltharn Library who circulates them to all who wish to read them.She is unaware of the mage's abilities to read the thoughts of everyone in Azeria so believes that they are not aware of her work,they are in fact very concerned with what Anjala is trying to achieve and unknown to her they have made several attempts to kill her.These have prooved impossible as for reasons unknown she seems to have some kind of inherrent resistance to Magic.

History[edit | edit source]

Anjala was born into a poor family who lived in the centre of Giltharn,from her bedroom window she had a good view into the grounds of the mysterious academy and the work the students did which seemed almost godlike,often the law keepers would wander the streets of the city and glare at her with contempt.

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Bilbliography[edit | edit source]

  • [[Murder At Giltharn
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