Alward Hall Is the main academic and administrative building. It was named after one of the great mages of the first graduating class of the Academy, who in turn stayed on as Bariath Tormelin's successor as Headmaster.

Alward Hall is located in the southwest corner of the Academic Ward, beside the Arygan River.

Ground Floor[edit | edit source]

  • 1.Main Doors: Doors of oak panels with beautiful carving inside and out, these doors can be bolted in place.
  • 2.Foyer: This two story room has a balcony running the upstairs perimeter. Eight grey marble columns run up both levels to the ceiling. Each column had an undecipherable inscription. They are now known to be Valerian, and the inscriptions are dedications to each member of the Grey Eight. A very large stained-glass window depicting a gryphon rampant dominates the far wall at the first stair landing. (It is rumoured that Bariath Tormelin once tamed a gryphon as a pet).
  • 3.Drawing Room: This elegantly furnished and decorated sitting room is used to entertain special guests while they wait for interviews or meetings.
  • 4.Headmaster's Office: This room serves as an administration hub for the school. The current Headmaster, Revilian Vorn, is a well organized man, with books and papers each in its own place. By default, the Headmaster also sits on the Conclave.
  • 27.Administration: The record-keeping for the Academy is done here.

Second Floor[edit | edit source]

  • 1.Balcony: Running along either side of the hall, it connects the great stair to the side rooms.
  • 2.Professors' Drawing Room: A lounge and work areas for the professors.
  • 3.Classroom
  • 4.Classroom
  • 5.Classroom
  • 6.Advanced Laboratory: The laboratory here is riddled with half forgotten experiments and periphenalia, and is not often used.

Third Floor[edit | edit source]

  • 1.Guest Quarters
  • 2.Guest Quarters
  • 3.Guest Quarters
  • 4.Alward Library: The main campus library is located on the opposite side of the compound. This small library is not as diverse, and is mainly used as a sitting room and lounge. Several unique "treasures" can be found on the shelves here, though.
  • 23.Guest Quarters
  • 24.Guest Quarters
  • 25.Guest Quarters
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