Death is easy, Life is a challenge." - Alarods Grimsword

Early lifeEdit

Alarods was the son of Olaron Flareford and Ravelan the Elf-daughter was his mother. He was raised up to the age of sixteen in the Koridan village of Ansgar, but his town was attacked by Worgs and his father and mother were killed. Stricken with grief, he left Ansgar into to go into the wilderness and avenge his parents.

Middle Years

His mind's only thoughts were to slay every thing that oppressed the weak and helpless, and he did that surprisingly well, for his age. His weapons were his father's sword and an elven longbow. He spent many long years in the most savage lands on Phaara, batlling ogres and worgs, and in the process became well known as the Grimsword of Koridan. But it was not until he met Brenn that he changed forever.

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