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Average Lifespan

110 years

Physical Information
Average Height

230-260 cm

Average Weight

150 kg

Skin Colors


Hair Colors


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Abilities Information
Special Attributes
  • Strength
  • Reliability
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Alafu (Rulers of the Land) in their native tongue of Tenapen are a race, which inhabbits Axybis.

History Edit

More than 50 000 years ago one of former Moons of Inlitania hit Inlitania. It was populated by Alutu. Survived ones went to southern part of the Inlitania and renamed themselves Alafu. Than they lived separated from outer world and peaceful until The Sundering when part of them accidentaly get to the Athes Welien and renamed themselves Telafu. After The Sundering they joined new founded Alliance and later found out that they are relatives of Elves.

Culture Edit

Alafu culture is heavily based on harmony with nature. Their history is written in the Legends of Alafu, which also shows their mythology on which their culture is based.

Their society is quiet and simple. They mostly live in small settlements somewhere in the Axybis. Their villages are located far each from other and usually don't have more than 50 inhabitants. Mostly each settlement has it's own tribe. They are very spiritual and shamanistic. Recently they founded their capital city - Tulandrack.

Faith Edit

They worship their gods at the totems. Their gods are based on heroes of their nation.

  • Alemwynn - The leader of the gods. He united all the tribes of Alafu and created their nation on Inlitania.
  • Earthmother - Believed to be mother of Alemwynn. She is more powerful than he is. They believe that she created all life. Thanks to her they learned all what they know now.
  • Tebtur - The evil god. He took the Eathmother and imprisoned her on the Tryngielem. They believe that he is the creator and initiator of all bad things.

Abilities Edit

Alafu are good herbalists, woodcrafters and stonecrafters. They use only materials from nature and tries to create stability between mortal races and nature. They are also good druids, shamans and healers.

Architecture Edit

They usually have wooden homes. Social buildings usually are located in the town centre.

Languages Edit

Alafu speak Tenapen and Elvenspeak. Their secondary languages are Common and New Tenapen, which is a dialect, which is spoken by Telafu.

Tribes Edit

  • Thunderlight tribe - The main tribe, which represents Alafu on the Alliance. It's rulers are also rulers of all Alafu tribes. It is the largest tribe by population.
  • Drysteppe tribe - This tribe don't react to wars between other races. They are neutral to everybody. They hold deep contacts with Telafu and are the most independent from other tribes.
  • Greenmist tribe - Tribe, which have joined Alliance. In recent times they have suffered from from wars, plagues and drought. They keep their culture more important to themselves as other tribes.
  • There are also at least 100 more tribes, for example: Neverwind, Autumntree, Icehoof and other tribes.
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