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Many sentient beings on Elara agree that the universe was once "the Void", which eventually brought forth the sun and planets, the gods and other living things (see:"Elaran Cosmology").

Many other sentient beings, and indeed species, on Elara agree that the universe in its entirety was created by an omnipotent intangible being, whom they term "the Creator." Aenia is the Ancient name for the Creator. Aenia has never been seen, and does not interact with the lives of the people of Elara, as is believed of the other gods.

Worship of the Elaran Pantheon is performed at large temples or shrines, dedicated to the individual god or goddess. Aenianity (the worship of Aenia) is different. Aenia does not require large elaborate ceremonies or ostentatious buildings, sacrifices or drug-induced meditations. Instead, worship of Aenia is simple. Simple prayers, giving thanks, protecting all of his/her creations (nature, creatures, etc), and being compassionate towards others are the hallmarks of Aenians.

Rayles are a nomadic monastic order, dedicated to the worship of Aenia, and to spreading the knowledge, in hopes of converting those who are polytheistic. The group of beings known as Rangers are also almost entirely followers of Aenia.

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